Analysis of the Superman II Slot Machine

Perhaps Playtech’s Superman II will satisfy those who found the original game lacking. Come along as we explore the finer points of this slot machine. If you want to discover everything there is to know about this slot machine, read on!

Superman Returns, starring Henry Cavill, was inevitable following the success of the first film in the series, which starred Christopher Reeve. In 1980, Superman II was released in theaters around the world. Playtech has based its second release on the film, which had three crooks pitted against the hero. What good would a slot machine game be without accompanying music? The film’s score plays loudly in the background as you spin the reels. This enhances the fun by making us think about our favorite movie moments all over again. The graphics in this movie are also a step up in quality thanks to Playtech. Read on to learn more about this game and how you can help Superman defeat his foes.

There Are Three Evil Kryptonians Waiting For You

This slot machine is visually similar to Playtech’s original release. There are still five reels here, but now only three rows instead of four. This conforms to the standard format for video slot machines. You’ll find all the different symbols on these reels and rows. Like the original Superman video game, these begin with the alphabet. A green kryptonite emblem and another pair of Clark Kent’s spectacles appear after this. Now we’ll move on to the game’s three villains. The maximum payout for Ursa and Non is 150 times the stake, while the maximum payout for General Zod is 200 times the wager. The final two stock icons are Lois Lane and Superman. Five of the latter on a paying line can multiply your wager by 1,000 times.

Playtech has made sure to provide 25 pay lines in addition to the interesting iconography and general structure. In comparison to the original Superman game’s total of 100, this is a significant change. There is no option to alter your bet line, therefore you will always have to wager on 25. But players can adjust their bets between spins if they so choose. The plus and minus buttons located under the reels are used for this purpose. You can change the price per line from £0.01 to £1 there. This means that the game allows for a maximum total wager of $25 each spin. The ‘Auto Play’ and ‘Turbo Mode’ controls are also present. You can experiment around with a few additional variables thanks to them.

The City Needs to Be Saved Now!

Naturally, Earth’s most needed superhero is Man of Steel. It can’t be easy to fight three criminals from his own world. You can help him out by revolving the reels and activating additional features. The game’s wild emblem represents the first. The Superman emblem stands for this meaning. When used as a wild, it can replace any symbol on the reels—with the exception of the Daily Planet logo—to complete a payout. A 5,000x bet multiplier will be awarded if five wild symbols appear on a single winning pay line. Superman can also make a surprise appearance during the regular game by swooping across the reels. If that happens, he can make up to four random symbols wild.

The Daily Planet logo, incidentally, is restricted to appearing on reels 1, 3, and 5. If it happens somewhere, you’ll go on to the next round of Daily Planet Headline. Pressing the ‘Stop’ button will cause one of the five extra feature rounds to be chosen at random from the headlines.

The Phantom Zone is the first of the unlockable additional features. You can get as many free spins as you like during this bonus round! The ghost zone will move to a new 22 spot on the reels for each of these spins. For your purposes, this is the same as a wild card. Every time you get a free spin, the superhero reel at the bottom of the screen chooses a new item for you to win. This may take the shape of a multiplier, the ability to store additional Superman symbols, or the ability to trigger the end of the free spins bonus.

Battle for Metropolis might potentially be initiated at this time. Here, as Superman, you face off against Kryptonian foes. Choose a Superman shield to reveal a cash award, unique item, or collect symbol at each bonus level. The latter will end the feature round and result in the full payout being paid to you. Once a green kryptonite icon has stored itself, the subsequent ‘Collect’ icon will no longer appear. The x-ray icon will expose all stage symbols and guarantee the grand prize.

You can also activate an additional round called Skyline Fight. If Superman appears on reel 3, you’ll get 10 free spins with an x1 multiplier. The multiplier can grow by a maximum of five times if any of these appear after this. When the General Zod symbol appears on Reel 3, the multiplier returns to 1.

The X-Ray Vision bonus spins are also a possibility. There are 15 free games available to you, and any X-Ray icon that appears on reel three acts as a wild. It will also cause the Superman logo to become a wild symbol on reels two and four. The fifth and final extra is the Lois and Clark bonus round. In this game, you’ll be given a number of shields to choose from until you’ve collected five of the same color.

It’s worth noting that there’s a jackpot up for grabs if you play this game, too. As a progressive node in the DC Super Heroes network, it offers a choice between four distinct currencies. Any player, no matter how long they play or how much they spend, has a chance to win one of these.

The Last Word

Superman II may have a smaller footprint and fewer pay lines than its predecessor, but its special features more than make up for this. Fight scenes, a wild symbol, a scatter icon, and many free spin rounds are just a few of the features. The whole package is ideal for brand-new gambling portals using the Playtech skin.






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